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Learn how to build AR experiences with Coursera

As Augmented Reality (AR) technology develops, many companies are using it to transform how they create products, communicate with their users, market to new customers, and train their employees. To support this growth and foster a new generation of AR creators, today we're launching Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore—a free class on Coursera for those who are just getting started with AR.  

Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore

If you don’t have prior knowledge or experience in AR, this class was specifically designed with you in mind. The course takes about 15 hours to complete, and at the end you will have learned the basics of AR technology—what it is, how to design an AR experience, and how to get started with building your own project using Google's ARCore development kit and tools like Poly.

Once you complete the course, you can use ARCore to create AR experiences that work on more than 100 million smartphones. To enroll in the course, visit

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