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Google Cloud and NetApp collaborate on cloud-native, high performance storage

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From application scalability, to developer productivity, to access to services unavailable on-premises, enterprises benefit in many ways from migrating their workloads to the cloud. However, some enterprise IT leaders tell us that they struggle to find technology partners that truly understand how to move workloads with minimal disruption. One critical challenge is access to high-performance, scalable and shared file-systems.

That’s why we’re announcing our partnership with NetApp, including the private preview of NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With NetApp Cloud Volumes, our customers get a fully-managed, cloud-native file storage service integrated with GCP.

NetApp Cloud Volumes can deliver:

  • NetApp's robust management features in the cloud. Customers can sync datasets automatically, take snapshots of their data, and quickly create full copies of their datasets.

  • Tight integration with GCP for a seamless experience. Manage Cloud Volumes in the cloud console with integrated GCP billing and support.

  • High performance storage. NetApp is a leader in powering EDA workflows, scientific computing, and SaaS applications where file storage requirements are critical.  Customers can now access these NetApp file services with GCP.

  • Hybrid cloud capabilities. Cloud Volumes is ideal for lift and shift of workloads like file services, analytics, databases, disaster recovery and DevOps models, making it easier to move data back and forth between the cloud and on-premises.

We’re excited that this partnership brings a powerful, fully-managed storage service to GCP that can make it easier for enterprises to run new and existing workloads in the cloud. Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform is available now in private preview, with public preview planned for later this year. To learn more, and sign up for the private preview, visit NetApp’s website.

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