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Orbitera and MobileIron team up to make it easier to buy and sell apps in the cloud

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Now more than ever, businesses are relying on enterprise applications as a critical step towards employee and customer engagement. But this ecosystem of enterprise apps can come with its own challenges. Downloading these apps sometimes means sourcing from multiple locations—not all of them trusted. Most businesses deploy their apps on a variety of devices, but with multiple operating systems and ownership, security and provisioning can be challenging.

At Google Cloud, the aim of our Orbitera commerce platform has always been to build an ecosystem that makes it easier for enterprises to buy and sell apps in the cloud. That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with MobileIron. By combining MobileIron’s security and enterprise mobility management tools with Orbitera, we’re creating one place to deploy, secure, manage and analyze business applications.

Working with MobileIron, our goal is to help businesses more easily and quickly create an integrated marketplace where their authorized customers and partners can access apps and streamline billing, application entitlement and authentication, plus use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for backend compute and storage services.

Through this collaboration, resellers, enterprises, OEMs and ISVs will get a scalable, flexible way to secure management, delivery and mobile app procurement through an integrated platform that supports multiple operating systems and devices.

Here’s a little more on what we’re working on enabling businesses to do:

  • Customize bundles to group services by customer segments

  • Customize branding for both the marketplace and its customers

  • Offer one bill for everything across all of a customer’s devices, data, voice and third-party cloud services on one monthly invoice

  • Secure cloud access to help ensure only trusted users and devices have access to services

  • Analyze usage data to see when apps are being used.

We hope this collaboration simplifies and streamlines enterprise application management for businesses, and helps them unlock additional value for their employees and customers. Sign up to learn more on our website.

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