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Partnering with KPMG to help more enterprises transform their businesses

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From advanced data analytics and machine learning to increasing workforce productivity through enterprise mobility, more and more businesses are seeing the value of moving to the cloud. But not all know how to start.

Today, we’re announcing our alliance with KPMG International to address these needs. KPMG's expertise in vertical markets, digital transformation,  change management and business process consulting can help Google Cloud customers understand how to take advantage of the cloud and put plans into action.

Our alliance with KPMG will include solutions that will help enterprises in many different industries—including financial services, insurance, and healthcare—tackle issues like business transformation, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. The first two solutions that KPMG built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), KPMG Intelligent Interactions and GDPR Assessment and Compliance Service, are already available now.

KPMG have told us they’re looking forward to helping more enterprises transform their businesses through artificial intelligence and cloud technologies. They see the size, scale and security of our cloud, as well as our “AI first” priority and commitment to openness, as particularly beneficial to their customers.

KPMG are most excited to bring machine learning (ML) technologies to businesses. With our pre-trained ML models, KPMG's clients won’t need to build and train their own. This means customers can accelerate the time-to-value of their business transformation work with KPMG. KPMG has also built their own ML models that can be customized for enterprises much more quickly using Cloud ML Engine. For example, KPMG’s Intelligent Interactions uses Cloud Speech-to-Text and Cloud Translation API alongside KPMG’s custom ML models for customer and call classification to enhance call center agents’ interactions with end-customers. We’re already working together with a global banking leader to apply these technologies to their call centers.

The KPMG Center of Excellence for Data and Analytics and Intelligent Automation team—their data and analytics specialists—is also launching a Google Cloud-focused innovation lab with more than 65 GCP-certified professionals who will experiment and collaborate with our team on client case studies.

We’re excited to partner with a company with more than 100 years of industry, change management, and consulting experience. By working together with KPMG, we hope we can help more enterprises transform their businesses, from simplifying their move to the cloud to accelerating adoption of ML/AI. To learn more, visit KPMG’s website.

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