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5 ways Google Pay can save you time and money at checkout

There are all kinds of ways you might try to get back time in your day, from looking up the fastest route to work to ordering takeout on your way home. Google Pay helps you save precious time at checkout—and get rewarded for it, too. Here are five reasons to give it a try.

1. You can pay faster from more browsers and devices

We’re starting to roll out Google Pay on the web from desktop and iOS—which means you’ll start seeing it when you’re shopping on browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, no matter your device. Plus, if you save a card to Google Pay on your Pixelbook, you'll be able to use it on the web with another device, like an iPhone.


2. You can check out online without all the type

Once you’ve added a card to Google Pay, you won’t need to enter your payment info again—even when you’re checking out in an app or on a site for the first time. And if you’re checking out on Chrome, Google Pay can automatically fill in your billing, shipping, and payment info, so you don’t have to bother with forms.


3. It’s okay to forget your wallet

Whether you’re running a quick errand or grabbing ramen after a run, Google Pay lets you go anywhere with just your Android phone. Speed through checkout in convenience stores, grocery stores, or the millions of places that accept contactless payments with the device that’s already in your hand.

4.There’s no need to wait for the mail

Lost your credit or debit card? No need to wait for a replacement in the mail. When you order a new card from your bank, it’ll automatically update with Google Pay.1 The same is true if your bank issues a new card for one that’s about to expire. If your card is already in Google Pay, your expiration date will update as soon as it’s issued—so you can keep on paying without missing a beat.

5. You’ll get rewarded when you shop

GPay_growth campaigns

The Google Pay app for Android gives you access to offers you won’t want to miss. You can find out about promotions near you, plus get exclusive offers with the app. Take a look at our current offers if you’ve never tried Google Pay and live in Australia, Canada, Poland, Russia, the UK, or the US. To get started, download the Google Pay app, look for the offers, and opt in.

Check out our site to see all the ways you can make the most of Google Pay, then give it a go the next time you’re checking out.

This feature may not be supported by all issuing banks. Please call your bank to confirm.

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