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3 things to look forward to at the Google Play Indie Games Festival

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Indie game developers make fun and creative games on Google Play that millions of people enjoy.

On September 3rd 2022, we’ll be hosting the annual Indie Games Festival from Google Play to celebrate unique games launched this year and showcase the inspiring emerging talent behind these titles. The event will take place online as a virtual event to bring gamers, developers and industry experts together.

The annual Indie Games Festival gives small game developers from South Korea, Japan and select countries in Europe, a platform to connect with indie fans and share their new releases.

Here are three things to look forward to at this year’s event.

Celebrate indie games wherever you are on September 3

No matter where you are in the world, you can attend the Indie Games Festival finals in South Korea, Japan or Europe. All you need to do is sign up for one of the events, and you will be set to explore and meet people from all over the world who also enjoy playing indie games.

Colorful illustration of teleportation at the virtual event

Discover top-tier indie games from around the world

Earlier this year, small indie teams and solo-devs submitted their games for a chance to be showcased at the Festival. Dive into our tropical-themed Festival and start exploring the games showcase, a dedicated zone where you can discover the best new games at each booth.

A gif rotating the icons of the finalist games from Europe, Japan and South Korea

This is your chance to check out the 20 finalist games from each of the three regions and meet the people who made them. You’ll also be the first to hear who the winners are and other big announcements on the main stage.

Be on the lookout for special quests, minigames and fun challenges that you can play solo or with friends.

Help our hosts cheer on the winners

At each event, hosts will guide you through the awards ceremony and keep you entertained. Cheer on the finalists at the main stage with games commentator Inho Jung, who will be the host in South Korea; comedian and Youtuber Kajisak-san, who will present the finals in Japan for the second year running; and games presenter Julia Hardy, who will host the European event and give a few special announcements.

At the European Festival, you’ll also discover which indies will join the 2022 class of the Indie Games Accelerator — a program that helps small game studios take their game to the next level through training and mentorship.

Sign up now to attend the finals in Europe, Japan or South Korea.

Visit here to learn more about Google Play's programs for indie games and follow @GooglePlaybiz.

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