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Find even more content celebrating women on Google Play

A graphic image of three women working in the medical, film and art fields against an orange background.

This Women’s History Month, celebrate and support the voices and accomplishments of women in apps, books and gaming. From e-books and games with strong female characters to apps that are built to empower women or are built by women, Google Play is highlighting diverse female-powered content.

Browse app collections that celebrate women leaders and developers

Tomorrow, more app collections are debuting on the Play Store, focusing on the inclusion, empowerment and leadership of women. Discover apps built by women or created by companies with female leaders, such as Canva, which is led by CEO Melanie Perkins.

You’ll also see apps that can help women and people of all genders achieve their goals. This includes apps for career development and inclusion, like Coursera and LinkedIn Learning, and for financial empowerment, like Money Manager and more.

A phone displays the Apps hub for the Women’s History Month campaign on the Play Store with a section leading to an app collection called "celebrate, support and empower.”

Explore women-powered gaming collections

Check out the Women in Games collection that celebrates titles where women lead the way — both on-screen as strong characters or behind the scenes as the developers and executives bringing them to life. Located right on the Google Play homepage, this collection includes games such as Tile Busters, Dice Dreams, Merge Mansion and more.

A photo of two phones, each displaying different sections of Google Play’s Women's History Month hub. One is focused on games and empowering apps and the other has images of stories of strength and books to inspire.

Learn from female voices through our book collections and editorial pages

If you’re eager to explore more empowering stories, we’re spotlighting celebrity-curated book collections. Explore UK journalist Bryony Gordon’s picks, including her memoir, “Mad Woman,” or delve into American romance author Kennedy Ryan’s favorite books. We’re also highlighting e-books and audiobooks with inspiring female leads or insightful advice like Fern Brady's "Strong Female Character," Caroline Criado Perez's "Invisible Women," and Maggie O'Farrell's "The Marriage Portrait." And for a younger audience, check out our collection of kids’ books along the same theme.

This celebration of women's voices extends beyond literature. Women-led teams are making a difference in all fields, whether it’s building an entertaining game or simplifying everyday tasks.

Our editorial team interviewed Sue Khan, VP of Privacy and Data Security Officer at Flo Health, and Linda Jakobsson, Head of Story for Merge Mansion, to hear about their experiences as female leaders for apps and games geared towards women. Both Sue and Linda are passionate about making a difference — whether it’s emphasizing strong female characters or creating apps to better inform women about their health.

Portrait photo of Sue Khan, VP of Privacy and Data Security Officer at Flo Health, against a pastel yellow background.

Find even more games and apps for Women’s History Month

We’re not the only ones celebrating Women’s History Month. Disney Emoji Blitz, Matching Story - Puzzle Games, Brawl Stars, Beatstar, Farm Heroes Saga and more are also finding ways to empower women with in-game events this month. Meanwhile, you can find more female-focused content on apps like Paramount+, Peacock TV, Headspace, Audible, Spotify and others in the Apps hub. This content is only active for a limited time, so check them out while you can.

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