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4 updates to Google Play Games Beta on PC

A collage of 9 thumbnails of various games, including Summoners War, Homescapes, Call of Dragons, Evony: The Kings Return and Arknights along with their ratings

Today we’re announcing four big updates to Google Play Games Beta on PC, which gives you access to mobile games on more devices. Taking into account feedback from players and developers around the world, we’ve added hundreds of new games, expanded to new regions, made it accessible for more players, and rolled out a new feature to make gameplay even easier.

1. Play hundreds of games, including new
titles like Free Fire MAX

We now have hundreds of games in our catalog, including popular titles like Cookie Run: Kingdom, Eversoul, Summoners War, Homescapes, Evony: The King’s Return, Call of Dragons and Arknights.1 One of our newest additions is Free Fire MAX, which is now available in Malaysia and Taiwan and launching to more regions in the coming weeks.2 And since your game progress and libraries sync across phones, tablets, Chromebooks and PCs, you can easily switch between devices during gameplay and pick up right where you left off.3

2. Access Google Play Games in more than 120 regions around the world

Over the past few weeks, we’ve opened our beta to more than 60 new regions across Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Today, you can play Google Play Games in more than 120 regions1 around the world.

3. Experience the beta on more PCs

To make Google Play Games available to as many players as possible, we've opened up access to the beta to more PCs.4 With this update, hundreds of millions of additional PC users can now give it a try.

4. Customize your keyboard

We’ve added keyboard remapping capabilities so you can customize which keys you want to use as controls and match them to your gameplay preferences.3

These are just a few recent updates to Google Play Games Beta on PC — keep an eye out for more in the coming months. To access the beta, visit If you’re a developer and want to learn more about Google Play Games, let us know on our developer site.

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