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Offers on Google Play: a new destination to find great deals

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Since 2012, Google Play has been a one-stop shop for discovering and enjoying your favorite apps, games and digital content. This week we’re launching “Offers” — a new tab in the Google Play Store app to help you discover deals in games and apps across travel, shopping, media & entertainment, fitness, and more. The rollout is underway and it will be available to more people in the United States, India and Indonesia over the coming weeks, and more countries later in 2022.

Sections like “Offers for apps you might like” help you easily find deals that are relevant to you. We’re partnering with developers of some of the top apps and games on Google Play to add new, fresh deals every day. As Allison Boyd of Strava explains, “Offers is a win-win. We get an additional touchpoint with people to share information about a valuable promotion or update, and people can easily redeem the offer by opening the Strava app from the Offers tab.”

Find limited time deals, in-app rewards and more

Here are a few of the deal types that you can expect to find over time:

  • Sales on games and in-game items: find limited-time deals on magic orbs, tokens, and more.
  • Rewards and bundled offers: see what apps are offering you free delivery, free rides, and other rewards.
  • Discounts on movies and books: find the latest sales on movies and books to rent or buy.
  • Try something new: browse apps that are offering 30 days free, and other extended trials at no cost.

When you see Offers in the bottom bar of the Google Play Store app on your Android mobile device, be sure to check it out.

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