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Runtastic brings you the beats with Google Play Music


Working out to your favorite songs keep you motivated and on the move. Google Play Music has teamed up with Runtastic, the leading fitness tracking tool, to offer Android users a new music experience with fitness playlists that help you forget the burn and focus on the beats as you work out.

Starting today, Runtastic Running & Fitness Android app users can access a wide array of workout playlists to suit any mood or activity curated by Google Play Music. Whether you’re jogging on the open road or in gym mode, Google Play provides music to suit your preferred workout style directly in the Runtastic app so you can keep track of your fitness goals and your music at the same time in one place.

After opening the Runtastic app’s music section, users will be presented with relevant workout playlists that they can play, pause and skip directly within the Runtastic app.

Runtastic 2

Keep pace with Today's Running Hits featuring songs that are all over 130 beats per minute, embark on a Sweaty EDM Workout, or kick it up a notch with some High-Energy Hard Rock; the choice is yours. This new app feature is available in more than 60 countries around the world where Google Play Music is available.

Additionally, Google Play Music is offering all Runtastic users — both Android and iOS — music trials so that you can create your own playlists and access Google Play’s library of more than 40 million tracks from your favorite artists to stream and enjoy ad-free.

Google Play Music and Runtastic have you covered for the next set, as you pump up and raise the bar even higher. To start listening, open the Runtastic app’s music section and enjoy your workout.

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