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Watch With Me on Google TV: Andra Day’s watchlist

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Movies and TV can make us laugh, cry and even shape who we are. Our watchlists can be surprisingly revealing. We’re teaming up with entertainers, artists and cultural icons on a new Watch With Me series on Google TV to share their top picks and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the TV and movies that inspired them.

Singer, songwriter and actress Andra Day sheds light on untold stories through both movies and music. “I think music, movies and TV are entertainment, but they can also heal society and individuals, and allow yourself to be in other worlds,” she says.

Though she more recently made the jump into acting, Andra always has been inspired by how movies can mobilize people and help everyone feel represented. “Watching challenging movies, particularly when it's not a perspective that is your own, helps you to grow in love and in empathy, you know?” she says. “I think challenging movies just make us better people and make us a better society.”

Google TV showing the Watch With Me page with Andra Day’s watchlist.

We caught up with Andra to find out what she’s learned from her favorite picks — and to find out a little more about her, too.

What does your watchlist say about you?

Andra Day: What I hope my watchlist says about me is that I love all different kinds of people. I love being able to immerse myself in other places, periods and lives.

Do you like to watch movies alone or with other people?

Andra Day: I like watching movies with other people. But I’m also someone who likes to rewind if I missed something. And other people don’t always love that…

What’s the most episodes you watched in one sitting?

Andra Day: It depends on the show and also if I can’t fall asleep. But I have watched 10 episodes in one sitting before!

What’s the first movie you ever watched?

Andra Day: Oooh, my first memorable movie I ever watched was “E.T.” I love everything about it, from baby Drew Barrymore to aliens.

What’s your favorite genre?

Andra Day: If I had to pick one, I want to say a documentary to make myself look good, but it's probably an action movie.

What is your go-to movie snack?

Andra Day: To be honest, it’s hot Cheetos, but I’m trying to make it hummus and celery!

Check out Andra’s watchlist and see the iconic movies that inspired her jump from music to acting on Google TV, rolling out over the next few days. Share your favorites as well using #WatchWithMe!

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