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And the winner is … #MapsAtTheMovies

Whether you watch to laugh, cry or go on a journey through time, film lets you travel the world, if only for a few hours. And whether it's in a movie or with a map, we're fans of armchair travel. So to celebrate this Sunday’s 88th Academy Awards Show, we're taking you on some of the most famous journeys from film, through the lens of Google Maps.

This tale of a remarkable man may remind you of your childhood sweetheart, inspire you to take a good, long run or eat a box of chocolates. That’s all we have to say about that. 

#MapsAtTheMovies 1 - Guess the Oscar-winning pic

What does it take to win 20 million rupees? Just ask this millionaire! Pro-tip: a mapping app with train schedules might come in handy.

#MapsAtTheMovies 2 - Guess the Oscar-winning pic

Feeling like a washed up superhero? This Oscar winner proves Batman can still fly and is sure to please movie and theater critics alike. 

#MapsAtTheMovies 3 - Guess the Oscar-winning pic

Maybe through the journey of these characters you learned a little more about Google Maps, or maybe you were able to see their stories from a different perspective. Either way, grab a bowl of popcorn because SHHH . . . it’s starting! 

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