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Become a Pokémon Master with Google Maps

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We value employees who are risk-taking and detail-oriented, have deep technical knowledge, and can navigate through tall grass to capture wild creatures. It turns out that these skills have a lot in common with another profession — that of the Pokémon Master. With that in mind, we’ve worked with Pokémon and Nintendo to develop a new training tool to help people hone their Pokémon-capturing abilities using Google Maps.

Dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps. To find and catch ‘em all, you’ll need to tap into your inner Pokémon Master. 


If you think you’re up to the challenge, grab your Poké Ball and the newest version of Google Maps for iPhone or Android. Then tap the search bar, “press start,” and begin your quest.

Leave no stone unturned or city unzoomed as you seek out wild Charizards and Pikachus to add to your Pokédex. Be vigilant—you never know if a wild Steelix will appear in Tokyo, Japan or New York City, USA. And follow Google Maps on Google+Facebook and Twitter for hints and tips.

Time is of the essence — in the words of Professor Oak, “The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the Pokémon.”

Update: We hope you've enjoyed wading through water and tall grass to catch Pokemon all over the world this April Fools' Day. Good Mews for trainers who want the fun to last — those who have caught 5 or more Pokemon can still continue their quest to catch 'em all for a little while longer with Google Maps for iPhone and Android.

©Google; Pokemon content © Pokemon/Nintendo/Creatures/GAME FREAK

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