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Street View comes to Kazakhstan

Khan Shatyr is a transparent tent-shaped Entertainment Center
The Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Astana

Starting today, you can immerse yourself in the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan through Street View — from snow-capped mountains to the Caspian Sea and the futuristic skyline of Astana.

More than 100 countries use Street View to explore vacation spots, scope out a new neighborhood or figure out the best place to park near their favorite restaurant. With Kazakhstan’s rich culture, Street View will help tourists dive into the region's fascinating architectural history and see the best of what the country offers today.

A pickup truck with a Street View camera on top parks in front of a lake

One of our Street View vehicles taking a short break from driving

We deployed specially designed Trekkers mounted on pickup trucks, which gave us flexibility to travel across the country’s varied terrain. These Street View vehicles traveled over 42,000 kilometers — more than the length of the equator — so that people around the world can see some of the most populous cities like Semey, Aktobe, Almaty, Shymkent and Astana for themselves.

Our Street View vehicles followed in the footsteps of merchants of the Silk Road who used the route for trade and cultural exchange. Street View helps us improve the accuracy of Google Maps which in turn can help businesses to connect with customers, grow and export, particularly around cities like Sary Agash, Shymkent and Taraz that historically played a key role on the trade route.

  • A busy city road with tall office buildings and a big blue sky

    A Street View image of what the Silk Road looks like today on Al Farabi Avenue

  • The Aktobe Central Mosque, with a golden roof and a cloudy sky behind it

    An image of Aktobe Central Mosque captured by our Street View vehicle

  • The Baiterek monument and observation tower, set against a blue sky with white clouds

    An image of the Baiterek monument captured by our Street View vehicle

Cruising through Kazakhstan's captivating cities and landscapes from the comfort of your couch with Street View, you can virtually wander the bustling streets of Almaty or catch glimpses of the city's architectural gems like the Aktobe Central Mosque.

Street View can also offer a feel for modern city life: You can explore the surroundings of Astana’s architectural marvels like Baiterek monument and observation tower, the transparent tent-shaped Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center and the futuristic Nur Alem museum. In Temirtau, Street View offers a glimpse into the country's industrial heritage through the Metallurgists' Cultural Palace, also known as the Temirtau Palace of Culture.

Learn more about how Street View imagery powers Google Maps. And, to see the newest images of Kazakhstan, open up Maps from your phone or computer, click the 360° view or the yellow Street View icon and start exploring.

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