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Local Guides made me see my hometown in a whole new way

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I’m a proud and lifelong New Yorker. I’ve seen and done a lot in New York City through all my years of living here, but one of the beauties of living here is that you’re always able to see and do something new. The possibilities are endless. 

With the help and recommendations of Google Local Guides, I had the opportunity to explore my city in a new way. Local Guides are the people who share reviews, photos and more on Google Maps to help you uncover the best parts of your city. Through the recommendations they’ve shared on what to eat, see and do, I discovered everything from the best bagels to the best free activity in town. 

Hands-down, my favorite part of this experience was checking out the best view of Manhattan at Cantor Roof Garden Bar on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Local Guides recommended this for an awesome view that isn’t swarming with tourists. There’s nothing like taking in the New York City skyline with an ice-cold drink in hand, surrounded by a beautiful garden and sculptures.

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    Taking in the scenery from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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    The spread at Best Bagel and Coffee.

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    A very New York shopping experience at Fishs Eddy.

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    My view from the Staten Island Ferry.

I also got to check out some unique, quirky and decidedly non-touristy souvenirs at Fishs Eddy, where local artists are behind many of the designs. And of course, I ate some of the most delicious food New York City has to offer, including the classic matzo ball soup from Russ & Daughters Cafe and an unlimited table-side service of pasta at Becco in Times Square. 

It was refreshing to see my city with a new perspective. I assumed I'd seen it all, but I learned I needed to open my mind to new experiences. Being a tourist in my own city gave me a new appreciation for the things I walk past every day. If you want to see all the spots I visited while taking in New York City, you can watch the video and follow this Google Maps list full of Local Guides’ recommendations. That way you can experience New York like a local, even if you’re not one.

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