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Spooky Street View Treats

Whether you’re dressed like the divine or the spookiest kind, get ready for some of Street View’s most frightening and freakiest finds.

Few places have more horrors than the Amsterdam Dungeons in the Netherlands. Enter the Dungeon and descend into the vaults for an unworldly immersive experience where actors take you through some of Amsterdam’s most terrifying tales. Quick, get your ticket! It’s a grueling good time.

Amsterdam Dungeons

If you like to feel shivers up your spine from a ghost trailing not so far behind, head over to the Winchester Mystery House in California, for a real twisted time. Mrs. Sarah L. Winchester built this creepy estate to escape ghosts that haunted her after the death of her husband a child. This one of a kind mansion contains miles of winding hallways, scattered with secret passageways hidden in the walls. It’s said that Mrs. Winchester traveled through the corridors in a roundabout fashion, to confuse any mischievous ghosts that might be following.

Winchester Mystery House, California USA

Haw Par Villa in Singapore is not your average theme park. Limbless rats, frogs riding ostriches, and the Ten Courts of Hell depicted by more than 1,000 statues and brightly painted dioramas, make up a gruesome recreation of the afterlife. A stroll through this disturbing park is an education in morality complete with morbid visuals, sure to to deter anyone from misbehaving.

Haw Par Villa, Singapore

No chilling tour is complete without a visit to the home of the deceased. The Cemetery of Dissidents is located on the Panteón hill, at one side of the old city jail, in Valparaíso, Chile. It was created in 1825 to hold the remains of those that differed from the official religion of the State. Take a stroll through the grounds and see tombstones that mince no words in revealing the adventurous lives and often dramatic deaths of its deceased residents.

Cementerio de Disidentes, Valparaiso Chile

You made it through the spookiest, the creepiest and the weepiest, so it’s now time to celebrate with some terrifying tunes! Wipe off that dusty cobweb covered boombox, throw your magic dancing shoes on, and join the monsters, the zombies and the vampires for a mashing good time. Happy Halloween!

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