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Meet the Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm

It was never just about thermostats. At its core, Nest has always been about the home. We reinvent unloved home products to create simple, beautiful, thoughtful things. First we made an entirely different kind of thermostat, because saving energy should be easy. Now we’ve reinvented the smoke alarm, because safety is too important to be annoying.


The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm was born one night when I lay in bed, sleepless as usual, watching the smoke alarm blink. It blinked and blinked and I realized I had no idea what that meant.

Was it working? Broken? Was it going to wake me up with low-battery chirps? Or go off for no reason? The smoke alarm was a black box painted beige. I trusted it with the safety of my family, but my first instinct was to tear it off the ceiling every time it made a noise. And we’ve all been there.

When smoke alarms wake us up or ruin dinner one too many times, we take out their batteries or throw them in the trash. We hate our smoke alarms. And that puts us at risk.

So we changed what a smoke alarm can be. We started from scratch—after all, this device constantly samples the air in your home, but you have no idea what it’s doing 99% of the time. Instead of only howling about danger, why doesn’t it tell you that you’re safe? Why can’t you go to bed knowing you’re protected? And why can’t it message your phone if something’s wrong? Why can’t it be better?

With Nest, it can. Meet your next smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

Meet the all-new Nest Protect

Once it’s hooked up to Wi-Fi, it’ll message your phone when its batteries run low or the alarm goes off.


Nest Protect lights up in different colors and speaks with a human voice, telling you where and what the danger is. And it won’t just start yelling at you—Nest Protect gives you a friendly Heads-Up before turning on a loud alarm.


It tests itself constantly and lets you know it’s working before you go to bed. Just look for a quick green glow when you turn out the lights.


You can check battery or sensor status from your phone or learn what to do in an emergency.


Nest Protect lights your way at night and dims as you pass.


It senses carbon monoxide and connects to your Nest Thermostat through your Nest Account. So it can automatically shut down the furnace, a possible source of CO poisoning, when the carbon monoxide alarm goes off.


It’s there to keep you safe, not drive you crazy.

It’s time to love your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

Nest Protect isn't on sale yet, but you can pre-order both the wired and battery-powered Nest Protect now from The black Nest Protect is available exclusively from the Nest Store.

Welcome to the Nest home.

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