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Meet your Nest Pro

We designed the Nest Learning thermostat to be easy to install, but some homeowners don’t have the time or experience to install a thermostat themselves, and some systems are too complicated for ordinary mortal men. That’s why we created Nest Pro, our heating and cooling professional program. Nest Pros have been trained to install, set up and sell the Nest Learning Thermostat. They’re also the best technicians in the country, ready to help you with whatever questions you have.


So when Juaning Higgins of Portland Green Heat meets a customer for the first time, he wants to help them get the most out of their system.

“We look at their furnace and find out if they’re compatible with the thermostat. If they can spare two hours of their day, we also have time to give a full safety inspection and a free consultation. There’s a lot of peace of mind in what we do. We relieve them of the responsibility of installing and give them recourse against us in case anything goes wrong. And we’re going to support them. If they’re looking for ways to save money, then we look at what they’re doing and what they could do to save more energy.”


Nest Pros are also there to deal with systems that are simply baffling. Jeff Booth, the owner of Booth Plumbing and Heating in Ann Arbor, Michigan, got a call from a customer who was completely overwhelmed when he looked at his wiring.

“This one guy has a heat pump system - 11 or 12 wires on the board. And it does look intimidating when you look at it. He called Nest Support and they said it would probably work, but to consult with a professional. So I pulled up the manufacturer’s diagram and turns out they had some extra wires for lights that he didn’t need. I’ll be installing for him next week.”


The Nest Pros in our network are thrilled about the potential of Nest to make their customers lives easier and help them save energy. They can be in and out in 20 minutes, or can stick around to take a good look at how your home could be more efficient.

One of the best parts of our Nest Pro program is that the professionals are as excited about Nest as you are. When Marc Leidig, President of Ambiance Systems in Clifton Park, New York first signed up for Nest Pro, his employees were itching to get their hands on it.

“They love it. One of them installed it for his parents - within 15 minutes of putting it in they were ecstatic with how simple it was to operate and showing off the app to their friends at work the next day.

“One of our programmers is tracking his energy use religiously every single day - he and his wife have a really irregular schedule, so he’s been watching the web portal like a hawk and couldn’t be happier with the progress.”

We’re proud of our Nest Pros and the services they offer. Customers are asked to rate their experiences with our installers, and the average rating is 4.6 out of 5. One mom even reviewed her experience with Service Experts.

“I was seriously blown away by how friendly our technician was. Emmitt, our 18 month old was literally beneath his feet during the entire install - and he just smiled and giggled with him and worked on! I have never, in my entire life - experienced a technician this nice!”

Every Nest Pro can sell, install and set up the 2nd gen Nest Learning Thermostat. We also strongly recommend taking advantage of their experience for tricky humidifier, dehumidifier and dual-fuel systems. Find a professional in your area with our installation finder.

If you’re an HVAC professional, then please visit our Nest Pro site and sign up.

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