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New 2.0 software for Nest Protect


A lot of things get better over time. Leather jackets, your kids piano playing, pretty much all technology. Sadly, that hasn’t applied to smoke alarms. The alarm that’s been on your ceiling for 10 years hasn’t gotten better.

But Nest Protect can. Unlike other alarms, it updates automatically, getting improved software and new features.

Over the next two weeks, all Wi-Fi connected Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms will get new 2.0 software that cuts down on false alarms from steam, gives you insights into your home and helps you stay safe. Here’s what you’ll get with this update:

Steam Check: Steam sets off most smoke alarms, regardless of what kind of sensor they use. It’s completely counter-intuitive, but water particles and smoke particles don’t look very different to smoke alarms. Now, Nest Protect will know better.

It will use its built-in humidity sensor and new algorithms to understand the difference between steam and smoke. Even with a very conservative approach – Nest Protect has to be 100% sure there’s no fire – Steam Check cuts down nuisance alarms from steam by more than half. That’s based on data from real homes, not lab testing.

Want to know more about how Steam Check algorithm works? We’ve written a white paper.

Safety History: Check the Nest app to see what caused Heads-Up or Emergency Alarms over the last 10 days. Keep track of where and when they happened, so you can figure out how to avoid setting off alarms.


What To Do 2.0: Having an escape plan in an emergency can make all the difference. What To Do helps you and your family plan and practice how to get out of the house safely in both fire and CO emergencies. And What To Do helps you customize the notification you get on your phone when there’s an emergency alarm to include the number of an emergency contact, like a family member, neighbor, or the local fire department.

Carbon Monoxide levels: When Nest Protect sounds the alarm for CO, you’ll see on the Nest app how much CO triggered the alarm and how long levels stay that high. Afterwards, you can check Messages or Safety History to see the highest levels of CO reached. That can help you understand health risks and find and stop leaks in the future. Keep in mind - this info is meant to be helpful after an alarm. You should always evacuate your home and call 911 when there’s a CO emergency. Not sure how you’re affected by carbon monoxide? Read our blog or white paper.


New Pathlight controls: Pathlight is one of Nest Protect’s most popular features because it does something wonderfully simple: light your way in the dark. Now you can adjust its brightness from the app and, if you have a wired Nest Protect, you can turn Pathlight into a comforting nightlight for your kids by setting it to Always On. Learn more>

Hidden Networks: Some of our customers like to keep their Wi-Fi hidden from others. With this new update, Nest Protect will now be able to connect to your super secret network. Learn more>


If you already own a Nest Protect, be sure to download the new Nest app so you can check out all these new features. It’s available for both iOS and Android.

We’re constantly working on making Nest Protect better by improving existing features and creating new ones. At its core, Nest Protect: Smoke + CO is there to keep you safe and to create a smoke and CO alarm you’ll love. Hopefully you’ll love it a little bit more today.

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