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Saving energy never goes out of style

We think you should be proud of anything that’s on your wall. It’s your home and your style. It says so much about you.


That includes your thermostat. We love the idea of your guests spotting your wall with a “Wow” or a “Whoa” and suddenly, you’re having a conversation about your Nest.

And a Nest Learning Thermostat on your wall says you don’t just appreciate beautiful design. You appreciate meaningful design. You care about saving energy. The Nest Thermostat has been proven to save about 8 billion kilowatt hours of energy so far. Imagine how much we could save if every home had a Nest Learning Thermostat.

So we want Nest to fit into every home.

Since every house has a different style, we first chose the Nest Thermostat’s modern, refined stainless steel to complement any room. Now, in three new colors, it will shine in any setting.

Meet the Nest Thermostat in white, black and copper.


Normally white fades into the background. Strikingly simple, natural and clean, the white Nest Thermostat is perfect for bright and airy spaces. It’s designed to complement all Nest products.


Saving energy is the new black. It’s not just black. This Nest Thermostat’s diamond-like carbon coating contains pure silicon, carbon and titanium. It’s scratch-resistant and durable — nearly half as hard as diamond. And its oil-resistant layer makes fingerprints bead up and wipe off easily.


Who says thermostats are dull? A bold choice for a thermostat, this copper is forged with steel to endure many years and many hands. It shines in all spaces: modern, industrial and traditional.

New colors. New materials. Same amazing features. It’s hard to believe that a thermostat was ever ugly, confusing, and thoroughly unloved.

The Nest Thermostat’s ring is integral to the design. It’s built to work perfectly with Nest’s software so you can interact with the display. That means these new colors and materials aren’t options that can be switched out. But we think your wall will love whichever color you choose.

You can get the new Nest Thermostats at our store now and they’ll be available soon through our retail partners.

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