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’Tis the season to share clips

Celebrations. Decorations. Ambitious kitchen undertakings. The holiday months are made of memories. With a Nest Aware subscription, you can capture all of them. And now you can share them right from your phone.

It’s your new holiday card.


1. Create an instaclip.


When you tap the clip icon, Nest Cam automatically generates an “instaclip” of the event. Our algorithms look for the beginning and end of the action and make the clip for you.

2. Press and hold to make a custom clip.


You can also choose where your clip starts and ends. Just press and hold the clip icon for as long as you want the clip to last.

Once you’ve made a clip, you can share it in one of two ways: create a link to the video, or save the file directly to your camera roll. From there you can easily share it on social media or send it in an email. Show off your fancy dinner. Text Mom the kids’ reaction to her present. Or send a new kind of holiday card.

That’s not the only thing that’s new. Android phone users have always gotten a snapshot with their activity alerts so they could instantly see if they needed to check their cameras. Now iPhone users get snapshot alerts too. And with Nest Aware, they’ll get a short video which they can watch within the notification. So you can get a person alert, press and hold to watch a video of who’s there, then go into the app to instantly make a clip.


Starting today, your camera feeds are also available on your Android TV, with Apple TV coming soon. So next time you’re deep in a Netflix marathon, you can see who’s at the door without having to get off the couch. Toggle between your live feeds and even scrub back through your video history. It’s reality TV you actually care about.

We hope these new features will help you share your holidays with your loved ones. And we hope you share those moments with us, too. If you do, you may win a free year of Nest Aware for 2017.*

*Terms apply. See contest rules for details.

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