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News Showcase is launching in Bulgaria

This illustration shows the hands and laptop of a person who is sitting at their desk and viewing News Showcase panels online. The image also shows three other people who are looking at different News Showcase articles.

Every day journalists keep people informed and help them understand major developments as they unfold. Their mission is critical to an informed society and that’s why for more than two decades, Google has collaborated with reporters and publishers in support of a healthy, independent and diverse news ecosystem. We’ve also been dedicated to helping our news partners across Europe and in Bulgaria reach new audiences and expand their online presence.

Today we are announcing the launch of Google News Showcase, our curated online news experience and licensing program, in Bulgaria. 24Chasa Group, BTV Media Group, Bulgarian National Radio,, Economedia, Investor Media Group, Mediapool, Nova Broadcasting Group, Offnews, Rezon Media Group, Sportal Media Group and Web Media Group are among the media publishers that have signed on to Google News Showcase in Bulgaria.

This image shows logos of our partners in Bulgaria for News Showcase: 24Chasa Group, BTV Media Group, Bulgarian National Radio,, Economedia, Investor Media Group, Mediapool, Nova Broadcasting Group, Offnews, Rezon Media Group, Sportal Media Group and Web Media Group.

Logos of our News Showcase partners in Bulgaria

Participating publishers in Bulgaria will create News Showcase panels, which provide more ways for readers to engage with the news and direct them to full articles on news publications’ websites. This enables publishers to deepen their relationships with readers and gives them more direct control of presentation and branding. News Showcase panels from our partners in Bulgaria have begun rolling out on Google News on Android, iOS and the web, and in Discover on iOS and Android.

An example of how News Showcase will look with some of our partners in Bulgaria.

"In our hectic daily lives, people need access to the news and information that matters to them,” says Ivaylo Stanchev, Managing Editor of Capital. “Thanks to Google News Showcase, we will have the opportunity to position ourselves clearly in front of readers who visit News Showcase will also help us engage new audiences, which is at the heart of Capital's business model."

"Media brand trust is critical nowadays,” says Alexander Varov, CEO of Netinfo, part of NOVA Broadcasting Group. “We are using every opportunity to guarantee the authenticity of our content. Having clear brand signal through News Showcase is an important instrument for user engagement."

News Showcase publishers can elect to add a feature where Google pays for readers’ access to a limited amount of their paywalled content. This provides readers access to more of a publication’s articles than they would otherwise be able to see, encouraging readers to learn more about the publication — and potentially subscribe.

Examples of how some publishers in Bulgaria will appear using News Showcase panels.

An example of how a variety of News Showcase panel types will look with some of our partners in Bulgaria.

Globally, we have signed News Showcase deals with over 2,500 publications. The product is live in 24 countries, including the United States, France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Romania and Slovenia.

"Storytelling has always been at the core of our work as news editors and content creators,” says Vladislava Lazarova, Executive Producer at BTV Media Group. “Stories — whether written or passed down by word of mouth — have been a driving force in the world for centuries. The launch of Google News Showcase in Bulgaria will give the bTV Media Group digital outlets further opportunities to reach audiences directly so we can continue to tell and share the stories that really matter."

"As one of the leading media groups in Bulgaria, we are excited for the launch of Google News Showcase,” says Venelina Gocheva, CEO of 24 Chasa Group. “We believe this Google product will enrich our loyal readers and introduce our content to new and diverse audiences. Content curated by our experienced editors is needed now more than ever — to battle disinformation, provide diversity of opinions, expand readers' worldview, and deliver stories people can relate to."

Our partnership with the news industry in Bulgaria

Over the past year, we’ve built on our long standing collaboration with publishers and journalists in Bulgaria by launching multiple new projects focused on tackling misinformation, evolving business models and promoting innovation, including:

  • We partnered with the Association of European Journalists in Bulgaria to help expand, which is certified by the International Fact-Checking Network, and develop sCOOL Media, a project to empower youth to combat misinformation and promote a sustainable news ecosystem.
  • The Google News Initiative and FT Strategies worked together on a project to assist a leading Bulgarian business publication in creating a data-driven approach to grow their subscriber base.
  • In 2023, we continued to invest in the AI design sprint training in London and held a workshop in Bucharest aimed at empowering publishers to innovate and grow revenue that several publishers from Bulgaria and across Central and Eastern Europe attended.
  • Through the Google News Initiative, we’ve trained journalists across newsrooms in Bulgaria and fact checking organizations in digital verification skills, advanced research and tools to support investigative journalism efforts.

The launch of News Showcase in the country is the latest example of our commitment to journalism and partnership with news organizations. We look forward to continuing to work together with journalists and publishers in Bulgaria to help them fight misinformation, innovate and grow reader revenue.

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