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Access Locked Folder in Google Photos across your devices with cloud backup

Illustration showing three shields, including one with a control toggle, one with a avatar, and one with a lock.

Whether you’re taking pictures of an engagement ring you plan to buy or your driver's license to refer back to, you might want to add an extra layer of privacy to some of the content you capture. With Google Photos you’re always in control of the photos you share, save or even view in your photo grid.

A few years ago, we launched Locked Folder for Android devices — a passcode-protected space to save sensitive photos and videos on-device, so they won’t show up in your photo grid or other apps. Today, we’re starting to roll out the option to back up your Locked Folder so you can access those photos and videos with your passcode on any of your devices. Plus, you’ll now be able to set up and access Locked Folder on iOS devices and the web.

Gif showing the steps to set up Locked Folder with cloud backup.

Photos and videos you save and back up in your Locked Folder still won’t appear anywhere else in the app — you won’t see them in your photos grid, Memories, albums or when you search photos in Google Photos. When you turn on backup for Locked Folder, you’ll be able to access that content across your devices when you sign in to Google Photos and open Locked Folder with your device’s passcode. And, as always, all the content you backup in Google Photos is protected by one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures. If you prefer to not use Locked Folder’s backup capabilities, you still have the option to store content in Locked Folder on your device.

Another way we’re helping you take control of your photos and privacy is through a simplified and improved settings page in Google Photos that makes it easier to find and adjust your privacy controls and other settings. The new layout replaces the single settings page with easy to navigate sections for privacy, backup, sharing, notifications and more.

Gif first showing the old settings screen in Google Photos then transitioning to the updated settings screen and navigating to the privacy section.

The new settings page is available now in Google Photos on Android and iOS, and backup and iOS support for Locked Folder starts rolling out today.

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