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Ring in the new year with Google Photos’ collage editor

Visuals of three new collage editor styles for New Year's

Capture and share your New Year’s celebrations with festive styles in the Google Photos collage editor. The new collage editor in Google Photos lets you easily create shareable collages in just a few taps, and it includes unique designs — like the ones we recently announced from Australian husband-and-wife visual duo DABSMYLA and renowned watercolor artist Yao Cheng Design.

Starting today, New Year’s themed styles from these talented artists will start rolling out to the collage editor. And for those who celebrate Lunar New Year, there's a special style from Yao Cheng coming next year. Take a look at the new styles that add holiday cheer to your photos, and hear from the artists themselves about what inspired their work.

  • Image of Yao Cheng's New Year's style in Google Photos.

    “I was inspired by the joy and happiness people feel on New Year’s Eve, as well as the fireworks and confetti that are a quintessential part of the occasion. I wanted to capture that energy in this artwork,” says Yao Cheng about her New Year’s style.

  • Image of DABSMYLA's New Year's style in Google Photos.

    “Around this time of year, we all reflect on the past year and are looking forward to the new year ahead of us, so we wanted to create a sense of celebration and joy. We used imagery and colors that we felt would invoke a sense of festivity!” DABSMYLA says about their New Year’s style.

  • Image of Yao Cheng's Lunar New Year style in Google Photos.

    “I grew up as a young child in China and have fond memories of celebrating Lunar New Year with my family. One of them is seeing lit red lanterns all around me, hearing the vibrant sounds of laughter and fireworks, and smelling the warm and delicious food. I loved the togetherness of this holiday and how full everyone’s hearts are when we gather together to celebrate a new year. I wanted to capture this feeling,” says Yao Cheng about her Lunar New Year style coming next year.

Create your own festive collages to ring in the New Year in style. In just a few taps your cherished memories can be wrapped in festive flair.

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