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Fall feature drop: New improvements across Pixel phones and Tablet

Video showing new Pixel features.

Our latest Pixel Feature Drop is here, and Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold have joined the party! Packed with helpful tools and updates for your devices, these features will begin rolling out to devices today and will continue over the next few weeks.

For Pixel phones

Discover the new Pixel Camera experience

It’s even easier to discover and use Pixel’s amazing camera features with a new camera interface, now available on devices with Android 14. Toggle between your favorite photo and video modes — like Night Sight and Slow Motion — to quickly find and access them, or even discover new modes you might have missed.

A Pixel 8 showing the new camera interface; the phone’s screen shows the ability to easily switch between photo and video mode.

Make your Pixel truly yours

With Android 14 on Pixel, you can personalize your lock screen with new custom clock and wallpaper collections. You can also change the lock screen quick actions, notification display, and At a Glance information, making it easier than ever to find what you want, fast.1

Want a more neutral theme to complement your minimalist wallpaper? Try our new monochromatic themes to bring a mellow look to your Pixel phone, Pixel tablet, and favorite Google apps through the Material You dynamic color system.2

Two side-by-side images of Pixel 8 with the new monochrome theme; the first image is a lock screen and the second is a calculator.

A more natural way to translate on Pixel Fold

Dual Screen interpreter mode on Pixel Fold makes it even easier to have face-to-face conversations in different languages. Pixel Fold simultaneously uses the inner and outer screens to translate live conversations, helping you have more natural conversations across languages without having to huddle around a single screen.3

Pixel Fold showing Dual Screen interpreter mode.
Pixel Fold showing an English question translated to Spanish.

RAW image viewing and editing is quick and easy

It's now easier than ever to edit RAW images taken on Pixel 6 and newer phones and Pixel Tablet. You can choose to automatically open RAW images in your favorite RAW editor directly from the Photos editor.4

Charge your devices with confidence

Pixel 6 and newer phones and Pixel Tablet will now notify you if your power adapter or USB cable is charging your device slowly or not at all.5

A Pixel 8 showing the new charger alert notification on the screen.

Battery Saver gets an upgrade

That’s not the only way your Pixel battery experience is getting an upgrade. The new design for Battery Saver makes it so much easier to stretch your battery life, whenever you need to. You can see exactly what is being restricted on your Pixel to extend battery life and select essential apps that can continue to run when you toggle on Extreme Battery Saver. You can also turn on Battery Saver or Extreme Battery Saver with automatic notifications at 10% and 20%.

Stream seamlessly

App streaming is now available on ChromeOS, so you can start using an app on your Pixel device and switch seamlessly to using it on your Chromebook instead. You can even send and respond to messages, check on your food delivery and more — right from your laptop.6

For Pixel Tablet

Better navigation for kids

Google Kids Space, a kids mode on the Pixel Tablet filled with quality content, has a new streamlined navigation bar making it simpler for kids to explore, switch apps and return to the home screen. 789

A Pixel Tablet showing the new navigation bar for Google Kids Space.

Get the latest news and podcasts, just say "Hey Google!”

Ask Google Assistant to play your favorite podcast or listen to the latest news when your tablet is docked in Hub Mode. Just say "Hey Google, play the Made By Google Podcast" or "Hey Google, play the news."

More fantastic features with Android 14

Be sure to check out what’s new with Android 14, which just launched today!

More Information


Available on Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5 and later phones.


Available on Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5 and later phones, and on Pixel Tablet.


Dual Screen interpreter mode available on Pixel Fold only. Live Translate is not available in all languages or countries. See for more information. Translation may not be instantaneous.


Pixel RAW image editing not available in all RAW editors. Available on Pixel 6 and later phones and Pixel Tablet. Requires Google Photos app.


Available on Pixel 6 and later phones and Pixel Tablet. Some charging issues may not be detected.


Available on Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5 and later phones. Not available in all countries or languages. See for details.


Kids Space requires a Google Account for your child. Parental controls require the Family Link app on a supported Android, Chromebook or iOS device.


Kids Space is not available in all languages or countries. Books and video content not available in all regions. Video content subject to availability of YouTube Kids app. Books content requires the Play Books app. Availability of apps, books and video content may change without notice.


Google Assistant is not available in Kids Space.

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