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#teampixel always gets the shot

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Pixel photographers know that the best image isn’t always the most obvious one. Sometimes you get it by looking up—sometimes by looking down. It might be close up, or framed by something unexpected. But if you keep your eyes open, it’s there. Take a look at what #teampixel saw this week:

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    Left: guigurui finds a ventana to the sky (Spain). Right: A Dali-esque double helix from jhuntley82
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    A Brooklyn diptych? Left: rht_3 hits the streets near the Manhattan Bridge. Right: Don’t fence bri_fii in.
  • None brings new meaning to the term “sidewalk art”
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    Left: kt_adventure branches out in Death Valley. Right: sophiashahaha gets the shot in Hong Kong
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    Left: This door from patrickenste gets the green light. Right: theculinarybee’s flatlay is the cat’s meow

Visit #teampixel on Instagram for more great shots and don’t forget to tag your own—we’d love a peek at the world the way you see it. 

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