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#teampixel casts a spell with light and shadows

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This week we’re admiring the artistic acumen of #teampixel photographers as they discover the hidden surprises behind light, shadows and reflections. Get ready to ride with a backlit bike through a Bulgarian sunset or check out a dim sum house that’s making us green with envy. And don’t forget to share your own Pixel photos on Instagram—we just might feature you next.

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    @drewhopper - Sunrise at Point Lookout in New England’s National Park
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    Left: @magdalena_011 - Otherworldly rock formations in Antelope Canyon. Right: @pedromiguelferreira - seeing double at the Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia in Portugal
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    Left: @c.villacillo - Seeing between the lines. Right: @ubrandon - A shadow-stenciled portrait during golden hour
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    @georgi_kunchev - biking through Trudovets, Sofiya, Bulgaria
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    Left: @rebirthdna - Going green in Bun House & Team Room, London. Right: @tabi_memory - The Getty in Los Angeles
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    Left: @jetteff - sunkissed windows in Port of Helsinki, Finland. Right: @costagreco - Google’s HQ in Dublin

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