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This week’s #teampixel feature:

This week’s tips come from Naina Redhu, India-based lifestyle photographer and blogger, who says that more is more when shooting but less is more when sharing. Check them out, then grab your Pixel to practice.

What/who are your favorite photography subjects?

I look for colors, textures, shapes and light. I'll photograph anything/anyone, whether inanimate or alive. If it helps me capture a memory, even better.

What is the biggest difference between shooting on a phone versus camera? Do you prefer one over the other?

Phone photographs, in my opinion, force me to be a better photographer. I need to get the image right the first time. With a DSLR I can be a bit lazy and can adjust exposure / contrast later. Even if a phone has the ability to capture RAW images, it's still not a full-frame sensor. If I had my way, I would photograph everything with a phone. Especially the Google Pixel. The quality of images it allows me to produce is insane.

What's a piece of advice for capturing great shots?

Shoot a lot. Use technology to your advantage. Use the burst mode. Don't be shy to use the Auto/Program mode to your advantage. You focus on the subject and let the gear worry about optimum settings.

Then choose which images to share wisely. Just because you have something on your camera roll doesn't mean it deserves to be shared publicly. Curation and selection are also important. When in doubt, hit the shutter button. You can always decide to delete the capture but you can't create the capture after the moment has passed.

Don’t miss #teampixel’s final moments of summer, and check back for more photos this fall!

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