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5 .apps you should know about

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It’s been five years since we launched the .app top-level domain. Since then, we’ve seen more than 600,000 .app domains registered and thousands of new apps launch. From creative imaging to live weather, all the way to tracking your daily bills, .app is the place to be for anyone who wants to securely share and promote their app. To celebrate .app, from now through the end of May, you can register or renew standard-priced .app domains for 50% off through one of our preferred partners at

As inspiration, here are five apps using the .app top-level domain we think everyone should know about:

  1. - An AI-driven photo and video editor that uses the latest design trends to make your profile pictures pop.
  2. - Going surfing? Flying a kite? Windy goes beyond the traditional weather forecast and shows you a real-time map of wind, tide and precipitation patterns around the world.
  3. - Mind your money and budget with TimelyBills to keep track of all those pesky bills that keep adding up every month.
  4. - Plant parents rejoice! Greg uses physics and machine learning to predict the water needs of any plant in any environment.
  5. - Color Leap time travels through history’s art to show you the colors that helped define generations.

To explore more apps on the .app domain, head over to

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