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How two Googlers showcase their work and passions online

Illustration of Googlers Dan Valinotti and Noah Rubin against a red, blue, yellow, and green background. Both of them have brown hair, glasses, a mustache and a beard.

Whether you're a business owner, a freelancer or someone who wants to share their work with the world, having your own website is important in establishing your online identity. In this edition of our #MyDomain series, we're showcasing two Googlers who have used their expertise and creativity to create websites that reflect their passions.

Illustration of Dan Valinotti, a software engineer at Google. He has light brown hair, glasses, and facial hair. Dan is smiling and wearing a suit.

Dan Valinotti is a Google software engineer and web developer advocate. Dan launched to share his knowledge with others. Through creating his online portfolio and blog, he has established a successful presence in the web development community.

Illustration of Noah Rubin, a software engineer at Google. He has dark brown hair, glasses, and facial hair and is wearing a grey t-shirt.

Noah Rubin, a Google software engineer and music enthusiast, developed The app tracks and uploads your listening habits to your account, automatically adding each played track to your profile. This integration enables users to exchange musical preferences, receive recommendations and curate personalized radio stations. Noah has established a thriving music community through his app.

Dan and Noah’s stories are just a couple examples of how to build a website around your interests and passions. For more inspiration, check out

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