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3 online creators share their secrets to success

Three illustrations of #MyDomain creators on a red, blue, yellow, and green background.

In 2019, Google Registry launched its #MyDomain series to highlight websites using our top-level domains. Over the years, our series has led us to amazing people around the world. Today we’re showcasing three creators in Germany, Spain and the United States who share how helping others can also help you grow your brand.

Illustration of Daniela Fedyakin, creator of She has long brown hair, fair skin and is smiling.

Daniela Fedyakin

Daniela Fedyakin owns She’s a former architect who immigrated to Germany at the end of 2014 from Ukraine. She shares how her transition into a tech career led her to discover her passion for programming. In this video, she teaches us how building a website with a clear structure is important for users navigating your website.

Illustration of Brais Moure, founder of He has brown hair, a brown beard and a brown mustache.

Brais Moure

Brais Moure is the founder of Brais is a YouTube creator and a full stack developer from Spain who shares what he’s learned day-by-day in order to help other programmers achieve their own goals. Discover how Brais brings his community together with new and interesting tutorials every week.

Illustration of Amulya Parmar. He has brown skin, short brown hair and glasses.

Amulya Parmar

Amulya Parmar is the co-founder of, which natively integrates and embeds creative works from over 85 different platforms into one central location. This video explains how building out a waitlist for the app was one of their best moves, and why your company should consider one, too.

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