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Creepy clowns and cute couples: 2019's top Halloween costumes

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It’s October, which means it’s officially the spookiest time of the year. We don’t want to wait until the 31st to start having some fun, so we’re back with this year’s Frightgeist, Google Trends’ collection of Halloween’s most-searched costumes. 

People looking to (trick or) treat themselves to the perfect Halloween look started the costume hunt last month. Here’s what people in the United States were searching for in September 2019.

Most-searched Halloween costumes in September 2019

Fortnite returned as one of the most searched Halloween costumes, but “IT” is scaring ITs way up to the top of the most searched Halloween costumes in the U.S. last month. Several Halloween favorites also return to the most searched list, like Spider-Man, clowns and unicorns. Check out the rest of your top 10.

  1. IT

  2. Witch

  3. Spider-Man

  4. Dinosaur

  5. Descendants

  6. Clown 

  7. Fortnite

  8. Chucky

  9. 1980s

  10. Unicorn

Halloween costume searches in the U.S. 

While many states are searching for Halloween go-tos like witches or dinosaurs, people in Casper, Wyoming, are stepping into Wonderland with “The Mad Hatter” attire and those in Idaho are testing out tails with mermaid costumes. Explore the costume map on Frightgeist to find out what other costumes are being searched for in your state.

Frightgeist States

Most searched costumes for couples 

Couples that costume together, stay together. And it looks like they are keeping things classic with “couple costume” searches like Bonnie and Clyde and Adam and Eve. Disney favorite, Lilo and Stitch, also top the most searched couples costumes last month.  

  1. Lilo and Stitch

  2. Bonnie and Clyde

  3. Cosmo and Wanda

  4. Adam and Eve

  5. Cheech and Chong

  6. Mario and Luigi

  7. Chucky and Tiffany

  8. Sonny and Cher

  9. Rick and Morty

  10. Phineas and Ferb

Most-searched “good-for-groups” costume searches 

Grab your group, dress up as your favorite characters and take first prize at your local costume contest. The Descendants' group of teens take the award for most-searched “good for groups” award, but the 1980s are making a comeback and may be the perfect fit for your groovy group.

If you’re a “Toy Story” fan looking to step out in a group or family costume, the biggest breakout costume search of this year is Forky. “Bo Peep costume” is also up by 300 percent.

  1. Descendants

  2. Fortnite

  3. Stranger Things

  4. 1980s

  5. Toy Story

  6. Power Rangers

  7. Star Wars

  8. The Wizard of Oz

  9. Minecraft

  10. The Powerpuff Girls

Most-searched pet costumes 

Dogs really are a ghoul’s best friend! People across the U.S. have been searching for the paw-fect costume for their furry friends. We can expect to see some strangely adorable pets this Halloween, with the “Stranger Things” monster Demogorgon making the most searched dog costume list. And with “Demogorgon costume” searches overall up 300 percent this year, expect to see some truly terrifying (and cute) costumes on Halloween night.

  1. Chucky dog costume

  2. Ewok dog costume

  3. Spider dog costume

  4. Pennywise dog costume

  5. Dinosaur dog costume

  6. UPS dog costume

  7. Demogorgon dog costume

  8. Shark dog costume

  9. Batman dog costume

  10. Ghost dog costume

Currently trending costumes for babies

We took a look at currently trending “baby costumes” from the past month and they are way too cute to spook, even if they are dressed up as Pennywise! For your baby with a sweet side, there are plenty of delicious treats, like concha and Starbucks, also trending. 

  1. Banana

  2. Dalmatian

  3. Grinch

  4. Pennywise

  5. Stay Puft

  6. Starbucks

  7. Concha

  8. Pumpkin

  9. Deer

  10. Olaf

Halloween costumes may be a little (candy) corny, but there is no shortage of scary good ideas on our most searched lists. To find even more costume inspiration, take a look behind the mask with Frightgeist. Witching you a very haunted Halloween!

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