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Check out this year’s 5 Doodle for Google finalists

For this year’s Doodle for Google contest, students set their sights on the future. In celebration of Google’s 25th birthday, tens of thousands of K-12 students from across the U.S. submitted imaginative Doodles based on their wishes for the next 25 years.

We recently announced the top 55 Doodles and invited all of you to vote for your favorites. Now, the votes are in, our judges have deliberated — and we have our five national finalists.

Submissions were judged by how well they addressed the prompt through both their artwork and written statement, plus overall artistic merit and creativity. This year, we also introduced finalist award categories to inspire students to dream big: the Imagination Award for out-of-this-world creativity; the Planet Award for Doodles focused on sustainability; the Good Neighbor Award for wishes centered around local community; the Tech Whiz Award for artwork that highlights technology; and the Biggest Smile Award for the most joyful Doodle.

Here are this year’s Doodle for Google national finalists (in age group order):

  • A drawing of a mermaid swimming with a blue/green tail in the blue ocean. There is a red dragon in the sky. There are butterflies stamped around the drawing. The Google logo is incorporated into the scene, with green letters forming the "G," the mermaid's head replacing the "O," another "O" made from green, blue, and pink, a green "G," the dragon's body forming the "L," and a red letter for the "E.”

    Imagination Award: Katherine, Hawaii, K-3 Grade


    “My wish for the next 25 years is for mermaids to be in the ocean and dragons in the sky. And magic is everywhere.”

  • A clay sculpture depicting the Google logo surrounded by various food items. The letter G is formed from red clay. The Os are represented by blue two circles possibly meant to symbolize the Earth. The second G is constructed from red clay with a central blue clay disc. The L is fashioned from red clay with a green appendage, likely a leaf. Finally, the E is created using red clay with a purple clay disc.

    Planet Award: Vivian, New Jersey, 4-5 Grade

    No More Hunger

    “My wish for the next 25 years is that there'll be no more hunger. Every day all over the world people are starving. If we all work together we'll be able to feed everyone. My hope is that within 25 years nobody will go hungry. I'm trying to encourage food sustainability and creativity all over the world.”

  • A drawing of a family of four and two pets sitting on a red blanket in front of a sunset. The family consists of a man, a girl in a blue shirt, a boy in a jersey with the number 25, and a girl in a floral-patterned shirt. They are accompanied by a cat and a dog. The Google logo is incorporated into the scene, with the man's head forming the first "G", the girl and boy’s heads forming the two "O"s, the girl’s hair  forming the second "G," a tree forming the "L," and the dog forming the “E.”

    Good Neighbor Award: Sophia, California, 6-7 Grade


    “My wish for the next 25 years is, I wish my family would laugh more, watch sunsets more, eating dinner together, family would stay together and that no one would die alone. In this drawing, I drew a family that loves each other a family that would risk their lives to each other, a family that would be there for eachother a family that would be patient with others shortcomings.”

  • A drawing depicting two girls, seemingly separated by a large tree. The girl on the left faces forward, holding a tablet. Behind her, three abstract figures appear: a gear-shaped "G," a brain and circuit-formed "O," and a double-faced profile "O." A clock on her side reads 7:00 AM. The girl on the right has her back turned, painting flowers on the wall with pink paint cans nearby. Notably, the flowers she paints resemble the letters "G," "L," and "E." A clock on her side reads 7:00 PM.

    Tech Whiz Award: Jia Xin Sophia, Idaho, 8-9 Grade

    My Ideal Future

    “In 25 years, aside from turning 38, I see myself living a life of computer science and art in the morning. I'll review algorithms and analyze data in the office. At night, I'll be spilling paint and creating art. I want to live life to the fullest before it ends.”

  • Illustration of a diverse group of friends and family enjoying a Sunday night meal together. Plates with colorful food sit on the table, along with glasses in various colors. Utensils like forks and knives are scattered near the plates. In the center of the table, a food display depicts the Google logo. The design uses a pizza pie in the shape of a "G," two glasses arranged to form the two "O's," a bouquet of flowers resembling the second "G," a baguette shaped like the "L," and a slice of cake for the "E."

    Biggest Smile Award: Maisie, District of Columbia, 10-12 Grade

    Family Dinner

    “Every Sunday night is filled with chaos, laughter and the smell of food in my household. The standing invitation goes to any friends and family in the area. As my life grows and changes, my wish for the next 25 years is that this tradition remains a constant.”

Congratulations to our five finalists! Keep an eye out for our national winner announcement later this month.

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