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Google Finance makes investing information more accessible

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There are many questions that come to mind when it comes to investing: Where can I get information on stocks? What numbers and statistics should I look at before I invest? How are my stocks performing in comparison to others? It can be hard to find the right information and even harder to make sense of it. We’ve redesigned Google Finance for both desktop and mobile viewing to help you easily find data for stocks you’re interested in, market trends and relevant news to make more informed investment decisions.

Find the information you need

Understanding context is key to making informed investment decisions. We’ll make it easy for you to find and compare information by organizing it in a helpful way. For example, you can group stocks you follow and build your own “Watchlists,” which will help you find relevant news, stats and earnings details, so you have more context on stock movements. You can also add company events and earnings calls directly to your Google Calendar to stay on top of what’s happening.


Check out stocks, market trends and related news on Google Finance


Create and manage your watchlists on Google Finance

Learn as you go

As you browse through stock details, you’ll find explanations and descriptions of key terms and stats to help you learn as you go. For example if you hover over “market cap,” you’ll get a definition of the term with a badge that lets you know whether the company is a large, mid- or small cap company.


Get real-time data and performance for specific stocks

Create your own portfolios

Later this year, we’ll extend the “Watchlist” feature so you’ll be able to play around with model portfolios. The portfolio feature will  let you create and customize your own portfolio, easily track daily gains or losses and review news that is relevant to your portfolio.

The new Google Finance will be available in the U.S. in the coming weeks, with more new features following shortly. Just search for “Google Finance” or visit to check it out.

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