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Find the best flicks and favorite new shows this fall

When you’re settling in for a movie night, or figuring out which shows you might want to binge before they return this fall, it’s not always easy to choose from all the options out there. If you’re like me, you have a few different streaming subscriptions, and you might find yourself spending more time browsing across multiple apps than actually watching a movie or TV show.

That’s why we created an easy way for you to find recommendations on Google when you search for things like “what to watch.” To start, you can choose which TV and movie subscriptions you already have. You will not only get personalized recommendations for what’s available to you, but also quickly see where to watch your picks.

As the fall premiere season kicks off, we’re expanding these features with a new way for you to share TV and movie preferences so we can  find the best recommendations for you.

Swipe right on movie night

Starting today in the U.S., when you search for things like “good shows to watch” or “what to watch” on mobile, you can tap the start button in the “Top picks for you” carousel to begin rating TV shows and movies.

TV movie recommendations

Swipe left or right on a few shows and movies, and come back any time you want to help improve your recommendations.

Not-so-generic genres

Everyone has a “movie mood.” You might feel like a drama or documentary one night, and the next day find yourself wanting something lighter. Even when you’re hankering for something specific, like “horror movies from the 80s” or “adventure documentaries about climbing,” Search will give you options. And we’re continuing to expand the wide range of movie and TV show interest to help everyone figure out what to watch.

Where to watch

Once you’ve figured out what to watch, we can help you find where it’s available.

TV movies where to watch

After your search, tap on any show or movie to see a full list of providers. Or just search for “Watch ‘This is Us,’” for example, to find where it’s available to rent, buy, or watch for free with your subscriptions.

We hope this helps you plan your next night on the couch, and if you’re looking for some inspiration, see which shows everyone else is searching for ahead of fall premieres. You might just find a new favorite.

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