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Exploring the Most Searched Playground

Google logo with a magnifying glass scanning over it, to reveal different areas of the playground.

Today we launched the Most Searched Playground, an explorable world where you can uncover 25 of the most searched people, places and moments of the past 25 years — along with a lot of hidden gems from Google’s history.

Anime-lovers, polyglots, gamers, and Swifties united to bring the game to life, ensuring every trend got its due.

Trends were our compass. We dove headfirst into the world's most searched queries, and from that treasure trove, we hand-picked 25 trends that capture the zeitgeist, spark global curiosity, and span every corner of the spectrum. There's something for everyone, zoom in enough and you’ll see.

Screen recording of someone scrolling through the playground and clicking on Leonardo da VInci

Then, it was time to create the game. The user experience and engineering teams worked through game play and logic scenarios to create an unforgettable game experience. The biggest challenge? Building an accessible experience from the start. The team took on the task, creating a sound-first, guided experience that was only enhanced — not completed — by a visual layer. The result is a search-and-find game that is fun, engaging, and playable for people who are blind, low-vision, and sighted users alike.

And finally, the world bloomed. The 25 trends turned into a vibrant and intricate landscape, as delightful to explore as it is to play.

We highly encourage you to zoom in and explore — there’s a lot more than the top 25 trends to discover, including over 1700 unique figures, scores of easter eggs 👀, and what we believe is the exact right number of dogs (a lot).

Think you can find all 25 of the most searched trends? It’s time to find out.

Image of the entire playground experience in the background. With the text "Most Search Playground" in the center of the image

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