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The searches that brought us together in 2023

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While we are celebrating Year in Search by looking back at some of the most searched trends of all time, we also wanted to take a moment to reflect on the places, people and questions that sparked our joint curiosity in 2023.

Movie and TV shows captivated audiences this year, with "Barbie" and "The Last of Us" becoming the top trending movie and TV show, globally. They even inspired other top trends: Both “Barbie nails” and “Barbie outfits” were top trending searches in the U.S. in their categories. In fact, this year we were all here for the fashion trends — “it’s giving fashion” was the top trending “it’s giving.”

We also continued to evolve the ways in which you can search, whether it's by taking a photo for Lens or humming a song into Search. The caterpillar crawled its way past the butterfly to become the top lensed insect this year and we all hummed Imagine Dragons’ “Bones” to the top of the charts as this year's top Hum to Search song. Our curiosity also extended to the outdoors: On Google Maps, Barcelona’s Park Güell and Paris’ Louvre Museum were the top searched park and museum globally.

Curious to see what your local area is searching for? This year we are relaunching our local hub, which takes a look at the interesting trends that have emerged this year from around the U.S. Across the country we are taking a look at the top trending TV shows, concerts, sports matchups and “near me” searches from every metro area. The experience even gives you some fun facts: Did you know that Quincy, Illinois was the only place in the U.S. with “day trips near me” as a top trending “near me” search?

With this year being Google's 25th birthday, we're expanding this annual tradition from a Year in Search to 25 Years in Search. You can see the annual 2023 lists here and also explore 25 Years of Search film and our Time Capsule here.

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