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Here's a 'stache of Movember trends from Google Search

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November is here, ushering in chilly weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and 30 days of whiskers appearing on upper lips in support of men’s health causes. This four-week phase of facial fuzz is also known as Movember.

We peeked at Google Images trends to see what types of cheek chops and mouth manes are capturing imaginations this year. Spoiler: there’s no wrong way to style your stubble.

The superior ‘stache

Few things are as dignifying as a masterful mustache. This year, gentlemen are gravitating toward the traditionally bushier upper lip adornments, and maintenance is top of mind. Search interest in cowboy and cop mustache styles--and mustache wax to keep them tidy--is up more than 5,000 percent since last year.

Other ‘stache styles catching attention include the ultra-thin pencil mustache, which has seen more than a 5,000 percent growth in search interest, and the horseshoe mustache at 350 percent growth, for those who prefer their whiskers extend to their chin. The most inspirational mustache-havers this year are NFL players Gardner Minshew and Aaron Rodgers whose lip decor saw more than a 5,000 percent increase in search interest in the past 12 months.

Boss beards 

When it comes to beards and other facial hair options, it’s a story in contrasts, with both super-groomed looks as well as longer, more exuberant styles on the rise. Search interest in the ultra-clean faded and square beard styles has doubled. The more prominent, historically-inspired Viking beard and mustache-plus-goatee Van Dyck look have also seen big leaps in the past year. 

But not everything is new—retro sideburns and the trusty soul patch have seen 190 percent and 110 percent more search interest on Google Images this year, respectively.

Facial fuzz in the US of A 

Men nationwide are responding to the facial hair furor with a flurry of creativity. We looked at Google Search trends to see which beard, mustache and stubble styles were uniquely popular in each U.S. state, and it’s a wonder to behold. The handlebar mustache reigns supreme in six states across the country, and the goatee remains king in four. Here are a few others to call out (and if you wanted to see what all these styles look like, we have a solution for that….):

Arizona: Circle beard (mustache plus rounded goatee combo)

Colorado: Braided beard (one braids or two, it’s all up to you)

Delaware: Chinstrap beard (a razor-thin beard that follows the jawline)

Idaho: Monkey tail beard (asymmetrically shaved to look like a curling “tail”)

New Jersey: Huge beard (as opposed to tiny)

South Dakota: Glitter beard (start with gel, add glitter, and voila! A bedazzled beak)

Virginia: Beard dreads (not just for the top of your head anymore)

Washington, D.C.: Chevron mustache (the bushy-yet-perfectly-shaped classic)

Washington: 70’s mustache (isn’t this redundant?)

Note: All Google Images data pulled from “Beauty & Fitness” category of Google Trends.

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