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The High Five: all eyes on April

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When your week feels like it will never end, just imagine how it feels to be a pregnant giraffe. Here’s a look at five of the top trending Google searches from the week of March 27.

The Raiders’ big bet

It’s official—the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. This week, the Oakland franchise announced that they’ll be taking their talents to Sin City. Though the move won’t take place until 2020, people are already searching for season tickets. Still, questions remain—like what are the odds the team will get to keep their name?

We hardly knew EU

Raider fans aren’t the only nation facing change. British Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 this week, officially kicking off the process for the U.K. to exit the European Union in 2019. People turned to search to ask “What does Brexit mean for Britain?” and “How does Brexit affect the EU?” They’re also curious about how it will affect financial markets: “Brexit stocks” is the top trending related search to “stocks” worldwide in the past week.

A twist ending?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences confirmed that accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers will continue to work for the Oscars next year, putting an end to queries like "Did the Oscars fire Pwc?" and "Will the Oscars retain PwC?" But after this year’s Best Picture envelope mix-up, which was blamed on a employee distracted by his phone, PwC's accountants will have to stash their devices next time. Apparently when it comes to the movies, simply silencing your cell phones is no longer sufficient.

April the Giraffe

People across the internet are craning their necks to find out more about April the Giraffe, who’s awaiting the birth of her new baby calf at the Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York. The zoo launched a live stream for people to tune in to the birth way back in February. But yesterday, they announced that the “calf countdown” had begun. The timing—and the mama-to-be’s name—has some people skeptical: Top queries include “Is April the Giraffe an April Fool’s joke?” and “Is April the Giraffe a hoax?”

But seriously...

Only time will tell if April the Giraffe is having the longest labor in documented giraffe history or pulling your leg. But if the spike in searches are any indication, you should prepare to be pranked by someone out there this April Fools’ Day. Not by us, though. We’d never do that.

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