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The High Five: Sip sip, hooray!

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A High Five on the 25th day of the 5th month feels like it should mean something, but it doesn’t. Much like most of the internet. What does mean something is this beautiful long weekend we’ve got ahead of us, so, without further ado: I bring you this week’s top five search trends, with data from the Google News Lab.

Wine not?

Today is National Wine Day, so watch for your dinner companions to have too many sips of “frose” and turn in early. The denizens of DC, Kansas, and New York were the most keen to know when National Wine Day was taking place. When comparing "red," "rosé" and "white" wine over the last 30 days, red wine is searched nearly twice as much as white, with average interest at 68 percent compared to peak spikes the weekend of May 12-13. Fittingly, interest in rosé is sitting pretty, right in between.

Marking Memorial Day

Red, white, and blue too: This Monday is Memorial Day, so people across the country are looking up tips and tricks for their patriotic celebrations. Top three questions this week on Memorial day were 1) “What was Memorial Day originally called?” 2) “Is today Memorial Day?” And 3) ”When did Memorial Day become a holiday?” Number 2 is my favorite.

Voted off the tie-land

The tribe has spoken … A tribe of reality TV contest candidates and also lots of people who still watch this amazingly long-running show. (Oh how it SURVIVES!) This week’s “Survivor” finale came down to a tie for the first time in the show’s 36-season history and long-standing show fanatics were deep in their feelings about it. Queries like “Who won Survivor 2018 Ghost Island?” and “Survivor fan favorite 2018” spiked over 2,500 percent (!), proving that there are whole worlds out there I know nothing about.

Drawing sides on straws

It’s 2018, so naturally people are taking sides on straws. McDonald’s is under pressure to scrap drinking straws for environmental reasons. Critics claim straws suck for the environment; they’re also super fun to use to drink things. Search interest in “McDonald’s straw” spiked by 230 percent at one point, surpassing search interest in “McDonald’s McFlurry.” While the top two most searched questions this week relating to McDonalds were about straws, the third one, comfortingly, was: “When does McDonald’s breakfast end?”

A verdict in 280 characters

A Texas police officer, a New York comedy writer and a Nashville surgeon walk into a courtroom … And the three are among a group that brought a lawsuit against President Trump for blocking them on Twitter. A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Trump’s blocking users on Twitter violates the First Amendment. Searchers turned to Google to ask: “Who are the plaintiffs in the Trump Twitter lawsuit?” and “Who has Trump blocked on Twitter?”

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