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The High Five: two newborn babies and a “Cursed Child”

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This week, babies were born and lettuce was thrown out. Here’s a look at some top Search trends from the week, with data from the Google News Lab.

What’s in a name?

A lot, if you’re a Royal. After Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed a son into the world this week, searches for “name of new royal baby” went up more than 3,000 percent. The newly-named Prince Louis’s siblings were also of interest—searches for “Prince George full name” went up 1,000 percent, and “Who is Princess Charlotte named after?” was also a trending question.

Trying to conjure up some tickets

Muggles and wizards alike are wondering “How much are tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?” (we’re guessing it’ll be a lot of Galleons). They may be ditching Orlando for New York—the play was more popular in Search than the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but not quite as popular as “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical,” which was the most searched Broadway play this week.

More baby news

An image of a shirtless Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson holding his newborn baby girl went viral this week, and people oooh-ed and aaah-ed all over Search (interest in “the rock new baby” went up 2,750 percent). This was after he got a heartfelt invitation to prom from a superfan in Minnesota, which caused searches for “the rock prom” to go up 1,850 percent. Quite the week!

Lettuce warn you

Search questions are a mixed bag, but here’s one that stood out this week: “Is it safe to eat romaine lettuce yet?” If you’d like some side trends with your salad, there’s been a 1,000 percent increase in searches for “ecoli virus,” and the most searches for “e. coli” are coming from Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

An ending to marvel at

“The Avengers: Infinity War” hit the big screen this week, and there’s one thing on everyone’s mind: “Who dies in Infinity War?” Searches for “infinity war spoilers who dies” went up nearly 1,000 percent this week. We won’t spoil anything, but according to one top Search question—”How many post-credit scenes are there in Infinity War?”—you should stick around until the very end.

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