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The High Five: this week brings the heat

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It’s a sweaty High Five this week, as things heat up at the FBI, in Montana and for an internet challenge. Here’s a look at a few of the of top trending Google searches from the week of May 8.

Ya fired

This week, many in the U.S. were focused on the firing of former FBI director James Comey, but the buzz also led to searches about Watergate (search interest spiked more than 300%). The number of searches for Comey surpassed searches for President Trump, with queries related to Comey’s whereabouts, why he was fired, “Who will replace Comey?” and “How long was Comey FBI director?” 

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Montana’s Glacier National Park is really starting to heat up (and not in a good way). According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the glaciers are shrinking by an average of 39%. Scientists say the glaciers will likely be gone in our lifetime, so interest about Glacier National Park is climbing. People searched to find out what’s unique about the park, how it formed and “What animals live in Glacier National Park?” (For our animal lovers: Bighorn sheep, boreal toads, western painted turtles and rainbow trout to name a few). Question from us: will the animals be okay post-melt??

Bow Wow Challenge takes off

This week, rapper Bow Wow was caught red-handed (red-pawed?) when an airline passenger—now internet hero—called him out for flying in Economy instead of the private jet he posted to Instagram. The internet barked back with the “Bow Wow Challenge,” in which people post a misleading glamorous image next to the actual less-glamorous photo. To keep up with the trend, people are searching, “How did the Bow Wow challenge start?” and “What did Bow Wow lie about?” Thanks to this unintended publicity, search interest in “Bow Wow challenge” rose 1000% above searches for his music. Woof.

It ain’t over until the Idol sings

We said goodbye to American Idol in its final season last year, but now it’s getting an encore. Announced this week, the show is coming back for a 16th season on ABC. Search volume went up a few pitches with questions like, “Who will be the judges on American Idol?” and Iis Ryan Seacrest coming back to American Idol?” (As noted in our trends from last week, Seacrest has a new gig). After the announcement, search interest for Kelly Clarkson, original darling of American Idol, spiked 193%.

Don’t forget!

Mother’s Day is on Sunday (this is your reminder to pick up the phone and call). People are hoping Google can help with “what to get Mom for Mother’s Day,” “what to do for Mother’s Day,” and even “what to write in a Mother’s Day card.” Here’s an idea, inspired by the trends from this week:

Being my mom is the one job you’ll never get fired from, and I sing your praises every day. Global warming aside, my love for you will never melt and to you I’ll always bow. Wow, I’m lucky to have you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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