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Making healthcare options more accessible on Search

Illustration of a person holding a mobile phone, with icon graphics for healthcare needs that they may be searching for information.

Navigating the U.S. healthcare system can be quite challenging, so it’s no wonder three in four people turn to the internet first in their search for health information. By providing timely and authoritative health information, plus relevant resources and tools on Google Search, we’re always exploring ways to help people make more informed choices about their health. Here are a few new ways we’re helping.

New ways to find insurance information on Google

In the U.S., finding a doctor who accepts your health insurance is often a top priority. When searching for a specific provider, people can check which insurance networks that they might accept. And if they’re searching for a new provider overall, on mobile, they’re now able to filter providers nearby who accept Medicare — a health plan predominantly for people over the age of 65.

Mobile image showing Accepts Medicare filter on Healthcare Business Profiles.
Mobile image showing Language Assistance feature on healthcare Business Profiles.

¿Esta doctora habla español?

In addition to finding a doctor who takes their insurance, people want to be able to communicate clearly in their language of choice. That’s why we’ve added the option for healthcare professionals to let prospective patients know what languages are spoken at their office. We currently have over a dozen languages represented, including Spanish and American Sign Language.

How providers can keep patients up to date

To help people get connected to the care they need, we’re conducting checks to ensure details of local doctors are up to date, and giving all healthcare providers the ability to update their information by claiming and updating their Google Business Profile.

We continue to expand the features and tools that doctors can use to communicate about the services they offer. After claiming their profile, health professionals can edit and update information about their hours, services, and more.

Whether helping people find information to self-assess their symptoms for mental health conditions like depression or getting real time information of COVID-19 vaccine availability nearby, we continue to explore ways to connect people around the world to relevant and actionable information to better manage their health.

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