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Our 5 Doodle for Google Finalists share their stories of gratitude

An orange teddy bear in green hat and a blue penguin with glasses exchange honey and a lollipop.

Over the past 15 years of the Doodle for Google student contest, we’ve been incredibly grateful for all the students who have submitted their artwork. So for this year’s prompt, we asked students across the United States to illustrate their answers to their prompt, “I am grateful for…”

Once we reviewed the tens of thousands of submissions we received, we celebrated our 55 state and territory winners, and asked the public to vote for their favorite Doodles. Now, we’re ready to announce our five national finalists for the 2023 Doodle for Google student contest.

The submissions were evaluated on how well they addressed the prompt through both their artwork and written statement, plus overall artistic merit and creativity. Meet our finalists (in age group order):

  • Painting of a family of four, in a van, stargazing in a scene comprising the GOOGLE logo. A young boy and father are laying on the car roof and a young girl and mother are sitting in the backseat of the car peering out the window. Each family member has fair skin, dark hair, and is smiling. The GOOGLE letters are large across the scene with the van wheels representing the Os, a firepit representing the second G, and a large marshmallow on a stick representing the L. A sky full of stars and a grassy field make up the background.

    Grade K-3 National Finalist: Allison Rhee, California

    Joshua Tree

    I was grateful when I went to the Joshua tree with my family. I loved seeing the stars and making smores. It made me realize how small we are compared to the universe. I was thankful that I was brought into this world from the best family in the whole wide world. My mom and I talked about the stars all night long. It was a memorable night

  • Illustration of the GOOGLE logo surrounded by bumble bee elements. The G is formed by honey, the first O is a beehive, the second O is the circular motion of a bee flying, the G is honeycomb, the L is a flower, and the E is more honey. The background scene is a field with large bees and flowers flanking each side and honey dripping from the top of the frame with a large honeycomb off to the right.

    Grade 4-5 National Finalist: Benjamin Cummins, Mississippi

    Honey Bees

    I'm grateful for the bees, because they pollinate most of our food, and they are necessary for the ecosystem.

  • Illustration of the GOOGLE logo in a field of grass with three women standing above holding mugs of tea. The GOOGLE letters are comprised of twisting green plant stalks and flowers. The women all have fair skin and black hair. The background is a blue sky, rainbow, and butterflies.

    Grade 6-7 National Finalist: Rebecca Wu, Washington

    My Sweetest Memories

    Sometimes I love them, and sometimes I dislike them very much, but I can't imagine my life without my sisters. I have learned to be a little bit more patient with them, and they have had an enormous impact on me. We help to inspire each other and to help each other grow like the vines and flowers in my picture. I am never lonely with them, and they can cheer me up. I am grateful for them and all that they have done for me. In this drawing, we are having a fun time drinking hot chocolate, which is one of my fondest memories. The rainbow in the background symbolizes one of the first things I helped one of my sisters draw. In one of my family pictures, my sisters (sitting next to me) and I (the one in the middle) are sitting in flowers with a background that I drew, so I thought it would be fun to reference that by drawing us sitting flowers here. The word "Google" is related with the stems of flowers and vines, also following the flower/garden theme. My drawing is composed of all our happiest memories to show just how grateful I am for them.

  • Illustration of a girl sitting in bed on her laptop with a GOOGLE logo formed from steam billowing out of a mug hanging above. The girl has brown skin, brown hair wrapped up, and eyeglasses. The background is a bedroom with a desk, bookshelf, and window.

    Grade 8-9 National Finalist: Annalise Perez, Louisiana

    The Quiet of My Room

    The Doodle I drew depicts me in my bedroom. I chose this to represent the theme, because especially now, life can be very stressful. But, when I have a moment of peace, it gives me the time to realize that, though life is hard, it can also be beautiful, and at the end of the day, I'm still pushing through. That is what I'm grateful for.

  • Illustration of a girl standing in front of lockers with her back facing front wearing a blue graduation gown and cap. The GOOGLE logo is featured in the center of frame made out of locker elements. The G is on a sweatshirt, the first O is represented by a volleyball, the second O is represented by the graduation cap, the G is posted inside a locker door, the L is represented by an waffle maker inside a locker, and the E is posted on the front of a locker door. Various locker doors are open, holding miscellaneous school items.

    Grade 10-12 National Finalist: Jacie Rose Grino, Guam

    First Last Year

    I am grateful that I have a senior year. Luckily, my last year of high school was mostly unaffected by restrictions, so I was able to make many memories with my friends before we graduate. Each locker has a few memories associated with it: trying to design a hoodie for my grade, watching championship games, bringing stuffed animals to class, our last musical performances, decorating each others' lockers for our birthdays, and a waffle maker we definitely did not use during lunch behind our principal's back.

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