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Pick an idea and make it happen with Google Images

When you're searching the web for something like a new hairstyle, flowers for your garden or a new jacket, it can be helpful to visualize your options. We've overhauled Google Images on desktop to make it easier for you to see what’s out there, learn more about the images you're interested in, and take the next step toward making your idea happen.

Starting today, when you select an image, it appears in a side panel on the page, next to the search results. Importantly, it stays there as you scroll, letting you easily compare images with others on the page. Do this as many times as you want without losing track of what you looked at; just hit the back button to bring up the last image you clicked on.

Google Images desktop

To help make shopping decisions easier, when you select an image of a product, you’ll now see details such as the brand, price, availability and reviews. We’ve also added captions to the related images shown under the image you’ve selected so you know where you're going before you click.

Zoom on product image details

For retailers and publishers, this updated interface also means people are more likely to visit a web page to get information to help them with a task, or to buy a product on your site. Developers can learn more about how to make sure brand, price, rating and availability information appear on product images. 

Visit the new Google Images and see where your imagination takes you.

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