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Two new ways Google can help you plan your holiday meals

Between traveling to see family and running countless errands, the holidays are an incredibly busy (and exciting!) time. To help make things easier, we’re introducing two new ways Google Search can help you plan your holiday meals, shared by the foodie Googlers who built these new ways of searching.

Using Lens to find a dish nearby

“Whenever I come across a delicious looking dish, I simply must find out what it is — and where to get it. To help with this, we created ‘multisearch near me,’ which is launching today in English in the U.S. Now, I can easily use Lens in the Google app to snap a picture or take a screenshot of a dish or an item, add the words ‘near me’ to quickly find a place that sells it nearby. This new way of searching will help me find local businesses in my community, so I can more easily support neighborhood shops during the holidays.” – Cindy Huynh, Product Manager, Lens

Search for your favorite dish

“I often crave comfort food this time of year — like truffle mac and cheese — but I don’t always know where to find it. Lucky for foodies, starting today, you can now search for the exact dish you’re craving and see all the places near you that serve it. This feature is available in English in the U.S. on mobile devices and in the Google app on Android and iOS. With a quick search, you’ll be able to find any dish and see specific details like which restaurant it's from, price, and ingredients.” – Sophia Lin, General Manager, Food

Phone showing a search for mac and cheese using Google’s new dish searching feature.
Close up on image of macaroni and cheese search

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