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Year in Search 2022: All about new possibilities

Image of a Search bar with the query "can I change"

For the past 22 years, Year in Search has provided a unique look into what we all cared about, what inspired us and intrigued us, all over the world. This year was no different.

2022 was defined by our collective search for change and new possibilities. After two years of uncertainty we re-emerged stronger, empowered and sought out ways to become better versions of ourselves. We challenged ourselves and asked personal questions like, “can i change?”

Global search interest in “how to change myself” and “how to be better” reached an all-time high this year. Trending searches ranged from changing jobs to ways to improve ourselves and our relationships. For the first time in Google Trends history, the world searched for “happiest jobs” more than “happiest cities.” And people searched “how to be more present” and “how to be a better friend” more than ever. We sought changes big and small: more than ever before we searched for tips on how to speak up more, and we also looked for tips on evolving our personal style.

But in the midst of this personal growth we faced global conflict and natural disasters that tested our resolve. In these moments we came together as a global community and looked for ways to support each other by searching for “how to help Ukraine'' or “how to help Puerto Rico.” Seeing the strength and determination that we had in these moments inspired us to ask questions like “how to be fearless” and “can i create change.”

As the year comes to a close, take a moment to look back, reflect and celebrate all the moments this year that challenged, inspired and enabled us to grow. To watch the film and see all the trends that defined 2022, check out our Year in Search website.

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