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The fashion trends that are warming up for spring

Illustration of various device screens with different types of floral print clothing.

When the weather changes, so do our fashion preferences. Out with the sweaters and flannel, in with the swimsuits and florals — to celebrate the closet switch-up, we’re sharing some interesting fashion trends and queries from Google Shopping. For starters, people are looking to history for inspiration: The most-searched fashion trends over the past 30 days in the U.S. are “80s fashion,” followed by “90s fashion,” “y2k fashion,” “2000s fashion” and “70s fashion.”

If you’re not ready for your closet to go back in time, there are a few other springtime-related search trends that might fit a bit better (pun intended) — starting with florals. (We know, we know: groundbreaking.)

“Sunflower bathing suit” is a breakout search over the past 30 days in the U.S., as is “floral handbag,” which saw a +140% spike over the same period of time. Nail art search trends included the phrases “sunflower,” “daisy,” “summer” and “spring,” as well.

And while it’s not a floral per se, the color green — which is definitely garden adjacent — is also having a moment: “Green glitter nails” spiked more than 130% over the past 30 days in the U.S. “Green Prada shoes” saw nearly the same rise (+100%) within the last month, too. Green was also the most-searched nail polish color, and the second-most popular color in searches for handbags after black. Which obviously raises the question: Is green the new black!? Keep an eye on spring fashion to find out.

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