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Watch Katie Couric and Think with Google’s new interview series

Two people, Katie Couric and James Manyika, sit opposite one another in casual armchairs. A text overlay reading “Future Ready by Think with Google” is centered between them.

AI. Cybersecurity. Privacy. Hybrid work. These global trends are more than just buzzworthy news stories. They reflect seismic shifts in consumer behavior, organizational processes and employee satisfaction — all of which have radical implications for both the current and future business world. And in the face of such rapid, consequential change, how can companies and their leaders keep up?

Acclaimed journalist and broadcaster Katie Couric wants to answer this question. As host of the new series Future Ready by Think with Google, she gets to the bottom of the most pressing emerging trends with help from industry experts in AI, cybersecurity, cyber risk and psychology. Through the lessons and insights she gleans, Couric and the Think with Google team hope to help companies large and small make smarter, more sustainable decisions based on what’s happening now and what’s coming next.

Businesses can discover, for example, the benefits of AI and who should be responsible for an organization’s adoption of the technology. As James Manyika, Google’s Senior Vice President of Technology and Society, tells Couric, “These capabilities are not just something for the IT department to think about. These are central to the business strategy of the company.”

Couric also explores security and privacy as core business principles with Jen Easterly, Director of the United States’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and Royal Hansen, Google’s Vice President of Privacy, Safety and Security Engineering. Easterly emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity when it comes to business and reputational risk, saying, “Cyber risks can’t be delegated. It’s really the purview of CEOs and boards and business leaders.” And Hansen explains why he believes, “We have to bake security and safety into all products from the beginning.”

Beyond the world of technology, Couric examines businesses' relationships with both their customers and their employees. Dr. Laurie Santos, a Yale professor of psychology, reveals how companies can give their customers a “happiness boost,” and why she emphatically tells managers, “It's your job to make your employees happy.”

Watch every episode of Future Ready by Think with Google, now available on YouTube.

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