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Introducing VideoFX, plus new features for ImageFX and MusicFX

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Generative media is transforming how people bring ideas to life and enhancing our capacity for creativity. We’re committed to building AI in partnership with creators and artists to better understand how these generative tools can help people express themselves, whether creating text, music, images — and now video.

Today at I/O, we announced VideoFX, a new experimental tool powered by Veo, Google DeepMind’s new and most capable generative video model to date. It’s designed to help support creatives through the storytelling journey.

We’re also releasing updates for ImageFX and MusicFX as we continue to help people bridge the gap between inspiration and their final creations. Our latest release offers more control throughout the generative creation process and introduces My Library, giving you the ability to save content, and review and remix your favorites. Along with these updates, we’re making these tools available in 110 countries and 37 languages.

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VideoFX lets you transform your ideas into videos

VideoFX is our newest experimental tool that lets you turn an idea into a video clip with just a text prompt. It’s powered by Veo, Google DeepMind’s newest and most capable video generation model, which enables you to create content that captures emotional nuance across visual styles and produces striking cinematic effects.

The experimental tool also comes with a Storyboard mode that lets you iterate scene by scene and add music to your final video. It’s great for quick explorations and creative control. VideoFX is available in private preview starting in the U.S., and you can sign up to join the waitlist.

Go from an idea to your own video with VideoFX

ImageFX adds image editing controls and higher quality images

Since ImageFX launched in February, it has been used for use cases like generating images for visual art projects, recreating lost memories, and so much more. Today, we’re adding editing controls, which has been a top feature request from the community. It allows you to add, remove or change specific elements in your images by simply brushing over them. You can try out these new capabilities today.

Additionally, ImageFX will also add Imagen 3, Google DeepMind’s highest quality and most capable image generation model yet. It unlocks more photorealism with richer details and fewer visual artifacts, and more accurate text rendering. Sign up to access Imagen 3 in ImageFX by joining the waitlist.

Brush over the specific part of your image, and easily edit it

MusicFX lets you unleash your inner DJ and craft new beats

Since launching MusicFX, we’ve been working with artists such as Jacob Collier to push the boundaries of AI-powered music creation. We first previewed DJ Mode at the launch party for Jacob Collier's Djesse Vol. 4 Album. This feature helps you mix beats by combining genres, instruments, and more to bring musical stories to life. It’s a playground for inspiring new music, and you can try it now.

a YouTube video showing DJ Mode in MusicFX

Mix your own beat with DJ Mode in MusicFX

Advancing responsible generative AI alongside creators

From Jacob Collier to our new Lab Session with visual artists, our teams are excited to learn from creators and build for them. We’re committed to developing tools and technology responsibly in accordance with our policies. All of the content produced from VideoFX, ImageFX and MusicFX is digitally watermarked with SynthID.

Visit to try these experiments and more. We look forward to what you’ll create.

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